Daily Devotionals

Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart & Lean Not on Your Own Understanding

God Protects, But Also Expect & Position Ourselves to Receive that Protection

We Must Obey God Rather Than Man

Jesus Christ Is the Same Yesterday & Today & Forever

Yes, God Works for The Good of Those Who Love Him!

Do Not Repay Anyone Evil for Evil, But Overcome Evil with Good

Seek First the Kingdom/Righteousness of GOD & All these Things Will Be Added to You

Teach Us to Number Our Days! Make Us Glad for As Many Years We’ve Seen Trouble

Just Because One Joseph Pleased GOD, the Whole Home Was Saved from Calamities

Joseph Attributes to GOD All the Glory for His Destiny!

Take Every Effort to Do What Leads to Peace & to Mutual Edification

How Precious to Me Are Your Thoughts, O God; You Know Me From The Inside-Out

When Times Are Good, It’s Good to Prepare for Times that Can Be Bad!

‘The Presence Of GOD’ Is All That Matters No Matter the Circumstance

God Is Able to Do Immeasurably More Than All We Ask or Imagine

The Lord God Is A Sun & Shield; He Bestows Favor & Honor

Plans Are Established for Those Who Loves with Pure Heart & Speaks with Grace

The More We Understand We Are ‘Nothing’, The More We Are of Becoming ‘Something’ With God, For GOD

The Plans of the Lord Stands Forever Exactly As He Interprets Them to Us

At the Right TIME, Lord Jesus Will Come to Bring Judgment to this World

Sharing Problems & Confusions with GOD (& His People) Does Help

Do to Others What You Would Have Them Do to You

The Lord Holds SUCCESS in Store for the Upright

Knocked Down Or Locked-Up, GOD’s Presence Mean GOD’s Favor!

Flee from Youthful Lusts & Pursue Righteousness, Faith, Love & Peace

How Then Could I Do Such A Wicked Thing & Sin Against God?

“Plan of GOD “is followed by the “Protection of GOD” & “”Presence of GOD

Never be Sensitive to Public Opinion Rather Give Totally to the Will of God

God’s Call to Abraham – Relocation & A Walk of Faith

God Instructing Abraham – Lessons of Abrahamic Covenant from Genesis 17: 19, 22

Lord Rescues the Godly from Trials & Holds the Unrighteous for Judgment

Never take the Blessings of God Lightly But Value it Highly

Having Great Faith & Divine Dream to Worship God – Jacob’s Blessings

It Requires GOD’s Grace & Help to Look at the Positives

God Had A Long Term Plan for Joseph – He Also Exalts Us In Due Times

GOD Does Not Take His Eyes Off the Righteous : God Exalts Them Forever