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Transforming Young Lives In India

The Holy Bible encourages us:- “Do not let anyone despise thy youth but be an example before those who believe in speech, in conduct, in purity, in faith, and love.” Although this is basically for the Christian youths, the five virtues described here must govern the life of every individual youngster of our country today. 

In simpler terms, the way of their communication, behavior, the cleanness of their life, the belief system of their heart, and the tenderness of their soul matter more than anything else in their contribution to society. 

Our country has always focused on Youth empowerment and made great efforts in creating education and employment facilities for their growth and development. Our country has always followed the motto:- “Today’s youth is tomorrow’s nation builder.” Yet, if we want to give our youths a significant push is nation-making and help them to be a blessing towards everyone in their sphere of influence, then we have to ensure that every youth comes across a personal encounter with the king of all nations, The Almighty Creator, The Lord of this universe, The Saviour of this world – Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 

Only by living in a relationship with Jesus Christ one can live an optimistic and hopeful life. Our youths don’t need to be the smartest, the tallest, the richest, the most handsome, the most educated, or the most talented in order to stand out. They need to be different. They need to recognize their true potential with which God originally created them. 

Jesus is willing to help them in discovering the true purpose and meaning of their existence. Jesus not only shows us the right path to life, but he makes us a new creation enabling us to live a righteous and holy life that causes us to influence the world as God’s instruments of change and transformation for all the onlookers of their lifestyle. It is said that:- “World degenerates but Jesus Christ regenerates”

It is the regeneration that Christ brings in the lives of the youths that boosts up their willingness to remain unspotted and unstained by the evil vices of this world. Jesus Christ, by the supernatural power of his Holy Spirit, can set free the youths gripped by many addictions like drug, pornography, smoking, alcohol, gambling, etc. 

Thus youths can escape all the corruption that so easily traps them during these primitive stages of life. This will embolden them to resist every form of temptation that has led to downfall in the lives of many leaders of our nation irrespective of the fields of politics, economics, armed forces, or social activities. The Holy Bible clearly teaches us:- “Youth is for Christ. Youth is not for sin.” 

When every Indian youth is able to reciprocate this truth in their own lives, then the day is not far when India will be the nation where every person walks with integrity and not with a reckless attitude of selfish ambition and empty deceit. As the responsible citizens of this incredible nation, let us mobilize our youths towards leading Christ-centered lives, which will not only improve their present messed up lifestyle but also secure their future as the benevolent peace-makers of the coming generation. 


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