1. How can we attain salvation?
  2. Why there is hunger and strife all over the world?
  3. Why there is war between nations?
  4. Why there is divorce?
  5. Why should we follow God (Jesus) rather than man?
  6. How Jesus Christ is an excellent model for personal approach?
  7. What happened in the beginning of time?
  8. Who created God?
  9. Why God created man?
  10. Why there is a place called hell?
  11. How can a loving God  send his created people to hell?
  12. How  can we build relationship with God?
  13. How can our sins be forgiven?
  14. How can we live in this evil world and still be godly?
  15. Can a wicked person turn to be godly?
  16. How can we make our life more holy?
  17. How can we please God?
  18. Why good people die if God loved them?
  19. How can we understand God’s will?
  20. How to receive spiritual gifts?