The Person Who Influenced Me the Most

The person who influenced me the most? If this question is ever asked to me, it is absolute for all, including me, to have someone working behind the scene, making my life lively and worth living.

Yes, it’s about my life that I am talking about, it’s none other than the living Messiah, Lord God Jesus Christ, that changed my life.

Well, this would be a love letter if I define this piece of assignment in other words. Every word is true to the best of my belief and acceptance.

Brought me from darkness to marvellous light, shedding all blessings and a beautiful future that is yet to experience.

Many people do shed some inspirations that impact our lives in a positive way. We take them as an idol, we feel overwhelmed, and our destiny changes with this mere thought. So, as a helper, as a guide, and as a person always next to me, I could only care to pronounce the name loving Jesus.

Many know him as the God of the Bible, the one who died on the cross for the sins of the world. Yes, to me, this is all that I believe occurred to me not just naturally but also supernaturally. I find Jesus so influential because of the very word he said and the works he did for mankind, and personally for me. I can’t even live a single day without his word embraced in the tablets of my heart.

His teachings have I pressed on, and being his friend, his love, his child, his daughter, his offspring, all that I care about is to walk in his footsteps. This is not crazy; that person from the past (which I would say no because he’s alive forevermore and is still in our timeline) would play such a role in my life, changing my identity as a whole.

As an imprint in this world of chaos, currently the epidemic, that will only degenerate and destroy, I find utter peace, love, joy, and satisfaction from him alone.

Words will never be outdone if I start jotting things that Jesus means to me. Finally, I can say that he is my all in all, and I am willing to see him on the journey of the afterlife, which is not very far.

(Ipshita Behera)














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