A Message for all

A message for those who are struggling,  feeling discouraged, concerned about future and disapponted with self…

Today you may feel I am the most wretched person in this whole world and fit for nothing at all..

But let me tell you one thing

This was the transition in the life of one of the greatest followers of Christ in all history

Apostle Paul,

A brutal persecutor of the church – >

To a Saint ->

To the greatest apostle of Christ of all times to come

Half of the content of the New Testament of the bible and further revelation of the gospel of grace came through him

When we submit our weaknesses before the Lord, confessing our sins and humble ourselves at his feet he will forgive us, sanctify us with his holy and precious blood, prepare us and exalt us at the right time

Currently you might not know what God’s plan for your life is..

You might be seeking his plan and thinking what could he do through a person like you with so many limitations, shortcomings, set-backs and failures in life….


The glory of the story is that:-

If he could transform Paul he can transform you…

If he could exalt Paul,

He can exalt you too…

Stop focussing on self and start focussing on who Jesus is and stop holding onto things and people who only pull your legs back, create trouble, under-rate you and cause you to backslide to sinful past…

You might have been praying, ” Dear Lord, please fulfill the desires of my heart ”

From today,

Ask him to give you the holy desires of his heart….

He will open doors for you which are according to his good-will and close doors for you which are unproductive and fruitless…

Surrender your life fully to Christ alone and see how mightily he can use you for his glory way beyond your imagination….


Never forget to give him all the credit

The Lord bless you and keep you,

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