Gabriel Davidson

Praise the Lord.
This is Gabriel Davidson. Am from Kanyakumari, TamilNadu, India. My birth name was Vinu Dickson. Am born in Christian family only. From Childhood onwards am going to church. At my age 14, God touched me and anointed by HolySpirit and unknown tongues. At 15  got baptized. While studying School at my age 16,  was suffered by unknown fever and suddenly my body changed to blue colour lightly. It indicates my body fully low of oxygen and going to die. On that day I and my mom prayed. God saved me from that disease. After that while in college, was too much attachment with God and His presence. I will walk for 45 mins to go church and attend service. In hostel, everyone will tell me to pray when they needed likewise my carrier was attached with God Almighty. Because of this in my 4 year course i never got arrear in my college carrier. My Collegemates all are having at least 1 arrear in their college days because that much difficult course. Glory to God. While in college days i met one accident. While traveling towards my home for one Easter leave, train met accident but God saved us. Becoz He guides as nicely. While me and my college seniors sisters and brothers were going, one sister tuk my bag and opened. And she saw my bible inside that bag and she opened  Psalm 91and she read loudly and we talked about that. After she kept bible inside bag. Few hours later Train met accident but Gods hand with us. He saved us from that accident.
After my college days  got a job in hospital, there only my worst thing happened. I felt with this world. With the wrong company  ruined my life vanity. I started drunk beer, smoking , also loved one girl. And i rarely go to church. While 2011i got fever and checked blood report it shows malaria and also dengue. My platelet count was only thousand and seven hundred. My heart rate was 40-50 its low. Am medical staff so i thought myself am going to die. So i have to repent atleast. I prayed and cried to my Lord. At night while sleeping fever too much so tuk tablet and it was started to sweat so i didnt put blanket and it was fold and i kept in my head with my pillow. While in deep sleep , blanket over my body was felt down and i woked up and switched on light and saw downside there is no blanket and its in my headside. After dat in dreams one Angel was put one devil under the world. And put one stone that hole and sit over the stone. Next day morning onwards there is no fever and my platelet count was increased. Glory be to God. He saved me again from death. After that also i didnt come towards to my saviour. At 2015 feb again one problem came in my life . I lost my hope and all. I cried lot but didnt prayed. After that i started to kneel and prayed. God talked with me more and more. Again He anointed me with New Spirit. And named me Gabriel Davidson. And He said  Gabriel is an Archangel who came to this world for giving message from God Almighty likewise U will go and give my words to all. Am Praying for God to fulfil what Gods will in me. If we seek God, We will find Him. If we forsaken Him, He will forsaken us forever. When we surrender ourself to God, He will protect us and also save us from evil thing.
Glory to God.