This page is meant to encourage the word of God through poems for fellowship. It seeks to find lovers of Jesus who are keen to listen to his voice.

God Is Good…His Love Endures

Still in its naturality, begin to wisdom, god is good

What a rise to civilization, giving a way to offspring

God is good

Morning Glory

Come new morning glory, a light full of bright seen

When you are awake with all your might

When there is a living called to be full of shine

A Song From Heart

Things to require is what it takes to show. Greater things deep within is more now to be brushed

How high and deep is the love to bind. In the midst of every heart, there is a chance to blow

Be Lifted Up

The hour has come when the Son of Man is lifted up. He is received up to heaven in victory

And seated in the right hand of Father. People from far and wide see this enlightening ray

O What A Busy Day!

It’s a busy day; it’s a busy dust of time. Its’ all been very busy ever.

So never was calm or quiet hereafter

Living Innocent is Dangerous.. Live Perfect to Change Yourself

I can’t say that I am perfect in every effort, but through Jesus life teaching, we says being yeah evil, give good gifts unto your children

Be of Good Cheers

Day so fast is approaching!

Once gone can never be unfold. You once knew that it was a time left out when you were there, and came close, you were not like that before