Ipshita Behera

Starting to write about my own personal testimony I feel very encouraged to speak about how I could show my very connection with Jesus as savior and his working in my life to change me as a whole. I am Ipsita Behera daughter of Mr. Late Purna Chandra Behera and Mrs. Sushanti Sashirekha Behera. My life has been a bit complicated when I started living with my elder mom in Balangir along three elder brothers and her husband. It was very painful to be far from my biological mother, Sucharita Gill Bag.

Being grown up in Lutheran family was sure that I went through child baptism without knowing God and knowing what repentance means. Even from my childhood I was very eager to know God and learn Bible but couldn’t learn much nor even attended any Sunday school classes. While at Balangir I was attending Catholic Church and afterwards a Pentecostal church near our house. At that time I hadn’t known that we are called to repentance and should accept Jesus, nor anything about salvation.

After my plus 2 I was selected to study BTech in Bhubaneswar and so I came here on 2007. During 2007, I was facing many hard difficulties and was examined under a psychiatrist who said that I was suffering from compulsive obsession disorder. I could know that my mind was not stable that’s what Bible says as double-minded and so I started having many delusions and became apart from the real world. Even after taking years of medication, 4 years of BTech and even now, I couldn’t come out.

Then I took confirmation in 2012 at JELC (Jeypore Evangelical Lutheran Church). One day in 2012 I met some YMCA members on the road who suggested me to have fellowship and Bible study class with them. I went and attended there where they suggested me to take baptism class. There I understood a bit about sin and to study Bible and understood God and knew that we are called to be his precious people. Even I was studying Bible myself, but I learned and came across lot other things through them. But in the end I couldn’t take baptism there.

As I knew more about God, I started to have faith on him and started believing and then in 2014 December I realized my sin and every sin that I had committed till that time. All the iniquity I had done from birth, all my lust, pride anger, wickedness, covetousness, malice, adultery; I realized them and fell at Lord Jesus feet.

One day I was having a very bad time and that day changed a lot in me. It was one of the winter days of December; one thing I knew that after that day till now that there is only one name that removed that burden of sin and of labor and gave me a new life. It was this only name of ‘Jesus’ and this only name changed and turned my faith more strong. I have received salvation in his name and believe to see him in heavenly kingdom after my death. From December 2014 till now his words have shown me the true way to live and trust in the living God of whom I am the child. I believed that there is an eternal punishment for our deeds and if we do not obey the word of God nor accept Jesus as our only savior; there is a worst place called hell after this life. I believe Jesus is working in my everyday life and from the day I accepted him and believe that he has forgiven my sins and is taking care of my life and everyday works.

Even if today I have some of the mind instability, it is because he wants me to count this weakness to come closer to him and ask his blessings regularly. I have taken baptism at Union Church, Bhubaneswar on 8th Jan 2017 and am seeking for a new life ahead of me that he (my Lord Jesus Christ)  lead my rest life being a new born again Christian and serving the him with all that I can.

Now, I wanted to do something good for my family and others around me and am seeking for opportunity how I should work to make others know about my testimony and witness the Word of God in my life. I have opened this website (winsoulsforchrist.com), where I encourage believers to share their salvation testimonies and edify all the readers. I am also very much open to prayer requests from people of all walks of life.

At present I am working as a CEO, Founder, Self Employed Content Writer cum Solopreneur at Authorsinn.com, and know that God has plans for my better future to lead us to his eternal kingdom if we seek his presence and turn to his will. I knew more about him through the Holy Bible and am constantly seeking him to work in my life and save us and make us blameless in front of the world.

His glory is everlasting and love is enduring. I have desire to see him in his heavenly kingdom and glorify his holy name for what he has done in my and others life around me. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen..!!