A Song From The Heart

Things to require is what it takes to show

Greater things deep within is more now to be brushed

How high and deep is the love to bind

In midst of every heart, there is

a song from the heart

to blow

Come rain and swallow our heart and make it upright in the eyes of the Lord

Come and brings things which seem out of the dust

Travelling far and wide and nothing to grasp

But it can be seen clearly through the eyes of sky

Where does the wind take you and lift you up

Does it takes to mountain and make you bold enough to face the terror

Does it also shower greater riches than gold and unbind your sorrows


Yes yes we can say,,.. love does win victory.

And there is even more conquering words to explain his might

Nothing to harm or to destroy.. what is yet to glimpse is you need to prepare.

And move by inclining your heart to the only mighty one

Yes he says when you look to the heaven..

Yes he says when he comes from the clouds to swallow the death


It is time to ask for a life and give him glory..

Never to fear what tomorrow brings and never to stay quiet when you are happy

Up goes the good man and down the evil to grave..

This is to mark that now possible things are known from the very beginning of time

Yet it is to ask man about their duties and ongoing privileges

And seek a more clear definition to explain such stuffs

Let not your heart seek the dark.. but let it also restrain the evil.


Days are gone when you were standing alone at the shore

But now you are carrying a more gladness of hope

Let it bring good news and fill you with glamour

And unwind the darkness concaved with hard core of fierce

Now it is time to scale upside down and make a mere statement to cast a bridge

This time it will take you to streams of dancing, rejoicing and hope filled with colorful memories

And you will be given a next story to write down with open heart ink

Make sure you tie all the chains and save your old rough points

This will surely gonna win, and you don’t have to cling to any memory that are out of the bridge

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