Living Innocent is Dangerous.. Live Perfect to Change Yourself

God made the world through wisdom..He was the light of the world. A child like innocence is dangerous. But it leads to heavenly Kingdom.. Since they are not aware of good or bad. It however creates a criminal mind with time.. Seeing things around, a need to know.. To live or exist.  It matters when our life is passed through many emotions, no one to speak and living in lonely circumstances. We click to renew our strength and hold on to something strong enough to pass with just like wind.

Our savior explains we get bound to innocent living and cause many troubles in and around. We get into depress activities and thus our mind struggles for living. Like in childhood days when we fall into thinking of activities and temptations of various kind without knowing the reason. Just like a kite that is tied with a string.. Needs to mend when gets detached. Just go deep into the ocean without knowing the result. God has a prosperous plan for us..

But we should know God.. The potter that made the clay. Feeling without thinking is submission to authority.. Bible explains its result. It empties our mind when we get depressed or get innocent. Our spirit get lost and soul get lost.  What we should know that let not our heart be deceived. Let not we lose ourselves in case of desire to just live but for god and others. The spirit of god is active on it. We know its presence when we try to seek it.

Let not our heart and mind be controlled by evil spirits or demons. Demon give interaction to worldly chances to bring destruction. Like the scripture says, give no space to the devils. It is true to know we are the creation of God.. And we are also the temple of God.. and God the father dwells in us. Made perfect through Holy Spirit which the son-Jesus Christ has sent us to guide our paths.

I can’t say that I am perfect in every effort, but through Jesus life teaching, we say being yeah evil, give good gifts unto your children that they may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.  Learn to live for others.. Living will revert you back.. Have a blessed life in Christ.. Amen!!

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