Joginder Bamnia

My testimony is my name Joginder Kumar village Dhrabi district Sirsa Haryana I was born in a Hindu family. Papa mother and I have a younger brother and younger sister in my house. My mother was often ill because of the evil one day my friend was sitting in the house, even a Christ told me the gospel and I gave a little bit of faith in her words whenever she used to give me literate and I used to read them Slowly began to pray in front of him and my mind began to feel more about prayer and prayer, then I started to associate with Christ and when any program was there The brother used to call me and used to go in and at that time only I believed in the idol worship of the rest of the family. I used to explain that Jesus is the only true God, but he did not believe in my words. Man praying for him in one day, he came home in a vacation by training his Bible and mother was more ill so my aunt’s boy my older brother started scolding me that you roam around there, there is no concern for your mother. So I told him that the brother told them that Jesus Christ could heal them, believe you but do not listen to me? My mother said that you stay out of the house every month, I will not go away from me, so I said that you do not need to go anywhere. You only believe. In the next morning, I called my two Christian friends that when you came to my house tomorrow, he came and sat on my mother and all of us prayed and my mother got rid of the evil after that she came into the belief and then slowly Slowly my other family came into confidence. After that, I completed the Bible course from Delhi and now I worship the Lord with my family