How Blessed Am I in Lord?

Praise the Lord. Let me share with you how amazing is the work of the Lord and what happens when we trust in Jesus

On 13 September, I and some of my friends were grouped together and we were asked to prepare a chart on the topic”COMMUNICATION” within 1 hour and 30 mins. It was bit difficult as there were so many things to do. So we divided our work and tried to finish all within the time. Then our mam asked us to take a photo of our charts prepare a presentation on the topic. After that, marks will be given to each student for chart and presentation

We took the photo of our chart and when we saw it, we were shocked. While we were preparing the chart, we had wrongly written our topic which as “communicaTIN” rather than communication. We thought what to do. But I thought not to worry, but to submit the chart in the hands of the Lord. I prayed for my chart and for presentation and I trusted that Lord you will help us in this. I waited on the Lord.

While I was preparing Lord also gave me ideas how to present our mistake in a good way that will have a positive impact. So then came the day of presentation. We all spoke and I also tried to present the mistake that we had done in the idea that Lord gave. At the end, Mam really liked our presentation ans then she asked us to correct our mistake that is the missing O. We waited anxiously for our marks and when she announced it , I was shocked

Out of all the five charts that five groups had made on the same topic, ours got THE HIGHEST MARKS and we all got good marks in the presentation. I was filled with joy and happiness and I praised Lord Jesus for His awesome grace and work.

From this I learnt that those who trust in the Lord are never put to shame. We need to be firm in our faith in Jesus and surrender ourselves completely to Him to see His marvelous work that will be for His glory