The below given list of names are those who have given their Salvation Testimonies in Christ Jesus our Lord God. It is their own decision and belief that they were called by God to witness his name, and live for his glory. It is true to the best faith they have found in Christ, as their only Messiah. 

Salvation Testimonies

Salvation Testimonies


Adarsh Vasa 

Gabriel Davidson 

Joginder Bamnia 

Ps. Michael Wiafe Omari

Manna Whitson 

Rushali Angel Bera 

Nirmal Kumar Khura

Sanjog Samuel Samantaray Testimony. (How blessed Am I?,

My testimony for the Glory of God, How Blessed I am in Lord)

Styra Kashi Baa 

Samarpit Mohanty

Manasjit Khosla 


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