Carry Your Cross

Carry your cross: The cross before me, the world behind me!!

O Wicked man where have you anchored your iniquities?

How far have you transgressed against the mighty Lord?

Is this the penalty you would take down to the grave?

Can your self-boasting pride save you from destruction that lays?


Your errors have been a mountain in the sight of God

There is no place where you could hide your wickedness


Come and bow down before the cross…

And let your filthy substances find cure…


Is not the cross your only way to find rest and peace to your soul

Where forgiveness is through immeasurable grace,

and mercy overflowing like wells of living waters

Even where your burden is made light and evil is cast far away


This is the only truth where joy and perfection is seen through clear glass

Where people believe and carry their cross from the core of their hearts

This is not for a day, nor for a year

But lengths of days which take them to eternity shore


How wondrous is the cross where Christ has paid the price for your sins

And we are at our way to receive him with praises that sights for delight

Cross is the only way where men is set free and find true light to overcome their dark lives


He is calling your name,

Those who hear will never be put to shame

O what a long-suffering of love and meekness

Where death is no more bound with sinful chains

And souls is won to sit at heavenly place with angels surrounding the throne of God

The calling is high and victory is for sure

And you will rely on the only savior forever by his tender yoke!!

So, carry your cross from now,

so, you don’t have to worry for your soul anymore!!



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