Nirmal Kumar Khura

A Journey with truth?
First of all, I would like to thank my dear savior Lord Jesus for what he has done in my life.
      I was grown up in a Christian family, So I was familiar with the Christianity, in other words, was familiar Christian activity like family prayer, church, Sunday school etc. Thus I was thinking I know Him. But I was lacking to understand the chapter Ecclesiastes ‘3’. I was always in doubt how everything has its time.
      Finally, the time had come during the ending of my 12th class on 2014, when I was attending a discipleship camp. There I remembered my Baba’s words that “””Chein Soi thibo Jie, ta’ku utheibo kie””” I thought and repented that baba was using this word only for me. Because it is hard to awake those people who pretend like alive and I was one among them. I was thinking Lord properly. But on 14th of May 2014 I got to know how specific is the love of the Lord for me. I knew God wants a personal relationship with me. He wants to be savior, parents, guide and my destination. I was really glad to hear the word of Psalms 122:1 Let us go to the house of the Lord.
I was overwhelmed because he has brought me out of the horrible pit, out of the miry clay of what I was or is not deserve. But he has done in my life. The words that transformed my life on that day are Jeremiah: 1:7 & Isaiah:49:1b. These two words played a great role in my life that I may never forget these two in my life. Again I am grateful to my heavenly and savior Lord Jesus Christ.
    It was a like a milestone achievement for me to share His work in my life with you all…………
With the everlasting Love
      Nirmal Kumar Khura