Choose for Yourself Who is on the Top of Your Priority List

Dear Friends in Christ,

Just a thought to reflect upon,

Give to “Caesar” what “Caesar” deserves

Give to “the Lord” what “the Lord” deserves

Choose for yourself who is on the top of your priority list

“The Lord” or “Caesar”

Is Jesus receiving the right place of honour in your life that he alone deserves or are we led to compromise with his living word because of the people, leaders, society, government or nation around us who don’t know him..

Have you been giving rise to religious tolerance in your life at your college, work place or other institutions??

It’s time for waking up from the sleep…Let us not become numb to the integrity of our faith and truth of Christ revealed to us….

Let us not fall into prey to the concept of “universalism” that many within the body of Christ have been influenced even those who are involved in top positions in the global political scenario….

Let our zeal for participation in nation building not lead us to become entangled in the matters of civilian life as Apostle Paul said, “We are called to be soldiers of Christ that we might please him who has appointed us for his own kingdom and purpose…”

(Please read 2 Timothy 2:4)

If we take care of this then we can really be a blessing to our fellow country men in making them known to the only truth that is Jesus Christ with all humility, respect and love abounding towards them….

We are called to influence but not to be influenced…

Let us stay careful and not mix political ambitions with our faith..

Otherwise we may become like zealots who wanted to overthrow the existing government with the Messianic kingdom of God without knowledge of the Soveriegn plan of salvation for all mankind through Jesus Christ alone….They were unaware of the will, plan and timing of God in setting up his kingdom and the present type of it…

Our only true Lord, God, Saviour and King reigns above all…

Let Christendom be established soon on earth..That alone will bring peace when the “Prince of Peace” rules from the throne of David…

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