The Lord God Is A Sun & Shield; He Bestows Favor & Honor


The plan seemed good to Pharaoh & to all his officials. So Pharaoh asked them, “Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?” Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Since God has made all this known to you, there is no one so discerning & wise as you. You shall be in charge of my palace, & all my people are to submit to your orders. Only with respect to the throne will I be greater than you.”

? – Gen.41:37-40


Pharaoh nor any of his officials were arrogant, egoist, biased, unwilling to accept reasonable suggestions, etc., as most of those in power or authority normally do! Pharaoh didn’t give importance to Joseph’s background, age or ethnicity (a Hebrew, not an Egyptian). The task ahead was more important!

Pharaoh could identify Joseph as one unique, in whom the Spirit of GOD dwelt & in whom was found true understanding & wisdom! He didn’t fix any probationary period nor a ‘step by step’ promotion but gave a direct permanent appointment of authority! That’s how he was favored… From God comes favor and honor

For the Lord God is a sun & shield; the Lord bestows favor & honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. (Ps.84:11)

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