Samarpit Mohanty

This is my personal testimony


I am Samarpit and I want to briefly share with you all my short testimony. I

have come through schizophrenic (mental disorder) conditions since the latter half of 2016…By the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ the healing process is continuing through me…. Later I came to know that this was a method of loving chastisement / the hand of discipline in my life(Heb 12:6) because of my wayward attitude and unrepentant sins which never gave peace to my heart. I was a born again believer. I can assure you that but I was engaged with a lot of hardcore spiritual warfare/demonic attacks over my mind under the pressures of which I consciously but reluctantly reverted back to my horrible past sins like pornography.

But the Lord has been so gracious,compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love and mercy that he didn’t disgrace me publicly but gave me multiple chances of repentance… Every time I sinned he was convicting my heart to repent and turn back to seek forgiveness but as those sins occasionally lingered in my life I feel it was necessary for me to be disciplined .Everyone else thought I was a good Christian but nobody knew the dark side of me…. I was talking the talk instead of walking the walk…. I failed to understand and recognize some fundamental doctrines of Christian faith like the trinity and later was counselled by our church pastors. I was interested in ministry work after +2….But the Lord had different plans….He promised me personally through a servant(a prophetess) that he will definitely use me for the extension of his kingdom among the youth but in his own timing and place but before that my character, faith, purity and patience must be developed…. All through this time the Lord has used this mental ailment of mine to make me a bold testimony before the world… He has set me free from many of my addictions(including pornography) and exalted my horn among my friends..  You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. (John 8:32)

I can confidently say one thing, ” Jesus is at his best when we are at our worst. “

He alone is worthy of all glory, praise and honour for he is the true and Living God the only Saviour of the whole world….

Our future is safe in the hands of the Immanuel….

Jesus loves you and will never leave you if we remain in him.

Our eternity is secure in his hands….

Jesus Christ Never Fails!!