He Takes Care of Me

Praise the Lord for His goodness. Let me share with you what happened today and what Lord taught me

In my college, were asked to a PPT presentation on any topic. Me and my friend gave our topic and we were asked to present it when our name comes up randomly by our Mam’s choice either today or on 22 Nov. We prepared our PPT which was complete today in the morning only. But I and my partner were not ready for the presentation.

Today, Mam said that she will take the PPT presentation no matter whether our class is prepared or not. I was tensed. I and my friend began to just go through the slides to plan our presentation. But I was still tensed. Then to relax my mind, I thought to open my Bible app and go for a verse

Then from the beginning of my presentation till the very end, I kept on speaking in a way that I had never ever thought of. Nice ideas came into my mind and the presentation went smoothly. At the end, Mam was very happy with the presentation and PPT. Some also asked questions about the presentation,and Lord helped me and my friend amazingly to deal with those. What an amazing Lord He is

I prayed and opened my Bible. Through the verse, Lord spoke me to be at peace and lean on Him. I thanked the Lord for the word and then prayed for it. Then after some time Mam called mine and my partner’s name. So walked on

I learnt that, we need to do our work and leave the rest to Jesus. He will complete what is incomplete and perfect what is imperfect. All glory be to God alone.