Morning Glory

Come new morning glory, a light full of bright seen

When you are awake with all your might

When there is a living called to be full of shine

Yes, the kingdom, the kingdom, we all know where we go

All rejoice to the mighty throne where he is

For there is freedom which we all seek,

Yes we seek, we seek, we are still waiting for it

Yesterday there was pain, but tomorrow there is a hope

First that is kingdom is at hand,

His righteousness blooms

We are called to be his sons

Yes his sons, his sons, we know where we all go

Today there is a ruler so high

He is forever more

Their comes the morning glory,

The bright and morning star

Yes, we seek, we seek

The truth that never fails

Love that never ends

No bond nor chains, but all free with grace

Still ringing his bells all the streets,

Yes, we cry, we cry, there is so much to recover

Let us all exclaim, with honor and praise

There is his victory, over risen

Jesus high above all name

Yes, we praise, we praise, this is the morning glory


Darkness is all gone, and morning is the day.

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