Manasjit Khosla

I was born and brought up in a Christian family in the interior rural township of Jeypore, Odisha. Since my childhood I was a regular Church goer and faithfully attended every activity.  As a teenager, despite singing and playing guitar in Church and revival meetings I was actually living in darkness and addicted to many sinful habits. I was outwardly religious but inwardly lost as I had not experienced salvation through coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  

I ended up in a well paid job in Bangalore working as a Japanese language expert.  After working for 5 years I became disillusioned with my life and  job because I was a passionate musician and desired a career in the Bollywood music industry.  I eventually left the security of my career and prepared myself for a future in music by learning secular film songs.  

During this season in my life I was struggling with sinful behavior and addictive habits which held me in great bondage. The time came when I desired to get rid of these sinful practices but no matter how hard I tried I could not break free.  In February of 2011 things began to change as I started reading the Bible.  As I read & meditate on God’s word, my spiritual eyes began to open and Jesus became the new focus of my heart’s desire. My drawing towards  a secular music career surprisingly began to fall away as. 

God’s Love & grace being greater than my sin was drawing me into a genuine relationship with Him. I eventually accepted Jesus Christ to be my personal Lord and savior and from that time on the bondage of sin was broken over my life. I experienced the reality of a becoming “born again” and a freedom that comes with new life in Christ.