Ps. Michael Wiafe Omari

My Salvation Testimony


I was born and raised in the church and a Christian home. Though I attended Church every Sunday, went to Sunday school, got baptized, received the holy communion, I wasn’t a true Christian.


I went to church every Sunday only because my Father forced me. During Church service, my mind always wandered, and I rarely paid attention to what the priest said. And I certainly didn’t apply it. My prayer life consisted of a quick forgiveness and my list of requests. I rarely opened the Bible, let alone read it. I saw Church as religion and as something I had to do, like going to school. I didn’t have any relationship with God and barely knew Him.


But glory be to God, I am not that person anymore! I want to share with you how Jesus changed me.


Here is my salvation testimony; it is a tale of love and grace, and how it came into my life. Come and hear what Jesus has done for me; how He turned me from these dead bones of mines and made them alive.


My life before Christ

My life before Christ had an abundance of fear, anxiety, and hopelessness. They say your view of God determines everything else in your life. It was indeed right for me. I believed God was a mighty being whose sole job was to punish me for wrongdoings.


God terrified me growing up. Whenever I sinned, I prayed immediately for forgiveness to avoid punishment. My fear was so high I couldn’t believe God didn’t exist. What if I decided not to believe in Him, and it turned out He lived and punished me?


This fear also led me to believe that God didn’t love me or care for me. He wasn’t with me, and I was on my own. Due to this belief, I was always afraid, worried, and I had no reasonable expectations or hope for the future.


How I encountered Christ

After school, I fell I’ll sick and needed healing, so I tried praying and fasting. I was skeptical of prayers because I had never encountered God in a supernatural way before. Nevertheless, I decided to try it. And to my surprise and delight, God responded to my prayer, and I was totally delivered and healed from spiritual attacks.


I felt like I owed a debt of my life to God and decided to take my faith more seriously. To me, that meant: going to church every Sunday and mid-week. Reading my bible. Preaching the gospel to others and seeing them saved. Praying and fasting regularly.

(I genuinely thought I was “good” Christian doing all the right Christian rites and motions.)