Rushali Angel Bera

I was born and brought up in a Christian family. As I started entering my teenage, things started changing, I slowly drifted into a sinful life. I entered into a wrong friends circle and walked against His will. I started doubting God’s existence, and as I had problems in my life increasing one by one, school life problems, academically down, I was standing at a point where my life looked like a big mess to me and I had no clue how to deal with it!

My faith, my trust, everything started deteriorating, I lived my life completely as I wanted. But as per His sovereign plan, I came to know my Lord and Saviour in 2018 in an EU camp in Bangalore and accepted Him during an altar call. I can’t express the peace and joy I felt after accepting Him.

After some months I took baptism. And since then I live my life with a purpose of serving Christ. Life is not easy, it’s full of challenges, but I have my God on my side and by faith and by His strength I am growing day by day. I thank God and give Him all praise alone for turning a messed up life into a beautiful testimony.