My Jesus..My Lifeline..My Diary (Kingdom of Heaven is True)

Evermore.. the very question is answered, my savior dwells in bottom of my heart. He heartens my soul and I feel awakened. The scripture says we will find him when we seek with all our heart. The kingdom of heaven lies inside our heart, the treasure is not near…

We believe in his mighty name that our soul shall rest in peace with him. He is good and there is no sin in him. Our prayer, to father is with humble and joy and so we will hear his calling. Heaven is not very far since Jesus is coming and one day we shall receive salvation in his name. Every hearts will be filled to content but it is written only few can enter his gates..the narrow road which travels to gust of self sacrifices and all troublesome road, is the way to reach towards him.. Jesus told he is the light of the world and in him there is no darkness.. That means we will reach him,, if we follow light.. light that has all the truths and goodwill, holy, which is acceptable insight and is magnifying in presence.

Dear to God, and near to god..i wish everything goes well with our lives,..let we be filled with Jesus holy spirit guidance..his name be magnified cause he is the savior of the world and indeed my personal savior and friend. Amen..!!

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