Jesus – The Image of God

The bible tells us in

Heb 1:3:-

“He (Jesus) is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact representation of his being, sustaining the whole universe by the word of his power.”

When Jesus healed the sick he demonstrated the Father’s desire for us to be healed, When Jesus miraculously fed more than 5000 it was the Father’s hand of provision reaching out to these hungry ones, When Jesus forgave the prostitute it was the Father’s heart of compassion that was moved for the woman.

When Jesus picked up the little children to bless them it was the Father’s love embracing these little ones, When Jesus raised the dead it was the Father’s authority over life and death exercised through him, When Jesus washed the disciples feet he was portraying the Father’s humility in the lowliest display of servant-hood.

Jesus said, “He who has seen me, has seen the Father.”

He is the one and only God Almighty in the Flesh. He lives forever and offers the same life to everyone who receives him.

So, if you want to know more about how the God Father is like look at the gospels of God the Son Jesus Christ & I am sure that God the Holy Spirit will help us to deepen our intimacy with both the Father and the Son.

Because right now it doesn’t matter in what situation you are but the peace, love and joy that our Savior promised us will flow out of your heart in the name of Jesus Christ alone!!

He is watching over you to forgive you, heal you, deliver you, protect you and set you free from every bondage and stronghold so that you can rejoice in him always no matter what comes your way.

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