Christianity Vs Other Religions

There is an old english saying:-

” All that glitters is not gold “

Just because you have right to promote something that does not mean it holds the truth….

The identity of the true and Living God and his ways are not going to be limited or changed by the opinion of men….

Dog cannot become cat if a person wants to change its identity and vice-versa…It is deceiving ourselves and others too..

Absolute Truth is by nature exclusive and as always Jesus made it clear, ” I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. “(John 14:6)

It is already clarified that Christianity is not a religion but it’s about restoration of a right relationship back with God made possible only through faith in the sacrificial death for our sins, burial and resurrection of his only begotten Son (The God-Man) Jesus Christ alone!!

I as a follower of Christ am not promoting any religion but promoting the message of salvation/reconciliation for all mankind that is available through Christ alone….

As the Bible says,

” For God has already laid Jesus Christ as the one and only foundation. Where no other foundation can be laid. “

( 1 corinth 3:11)

Let me share with you 7 unique and exclusive credentials of Christ that supplement the truth that he is the only Lord and God and the only Saviour of all mankind…

1) Christ virgin-born

2) Christ perfectly sinless

3) Christ crucified for our sins

4) Christ buried

5) Christ resurrected to live forever and ever

6) Christ ascended to the highest heaven

7) Christ returning in glory, power and honour to rule the world as the Lord of lords and King of Kings at the end…

So, at last remember

Religion is man trying to reach God by their own efforts and works which they never can..

Christianity is God coming down from heaven to bridge the gap between us and him through Jesus Christ alone!!

That’s why the bible says:-

” There is one God and their is only one mediator between God and man the man Jesus Christ “

(1 Timothy 2:5)

Man’s way leads to a hopeless end but God’s way to leads to an endless hope….

Choose Christ, Choose God’s way…He has already proven why we must follow him alone!!

If we confess our sins and accept Christ as our only Lord and Saviour we will be saved from eternal condemnation to hell-fire and live forever with him as his children… his grace alone not by our works….

There is simply no other way…

Accept God’s foundation not that of men…

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